8 Best Microwave Oven Uses

8 Best Microwave Oven Uses

Maybe I can’t live without the best microwave oven. It’s not compulsive, but it sure makes life easier if you know which is best microwave oven for you. I think I Am Right and I Am not alone who thinks so.
As per blue research in 2014 shows that 96% of Australian at least have one microwave and they know how to use best microwave ovens.

Most people are using microwave ovens only for heating purpose and they are not using microwave ovens with full facilities, some of are don’t know how to use microwave ovens and some people don’t have microwave ovens, they can’t take any advantages of this.

Today I will discuss 8 uses of a microwave oven. I hope after reading this entire article you will buy a new and updated best compact microwave oven and learn how to use a microwave oven. You can go through this link and know some best microwave ovens and microwave oven price

1.Reheating food

Most people use a microwave oven for reheating food and this is the principal purpose for. A microwave oven is very effective for reheating food. When you reheat food into microwave oven, food keep essential nutrients and does not boggy. All in one microwave oven is the best way for reheating food.

2. Cooking

Most of the people use cooks tops and stoves for cooking actually best decision is Microwave cooking. You can cook easily baking, grilling, roasting, blanching, boiling, and steaming food items in multi-functional microwaves oven.

3.Purity kitchen items

You may not inform that microwave oven kills all germs from kitchen items such as plastic cutting boards and sponges. Just soak up your sponges and cutting boards in few lemon juices and heat those in an oven for a minute. That’s all it will disinfect both.

4.Making of citrus fruits Juicier

You can do another wonderful thing with a microwave oven is to make citrus fruit juice. So when you take out an orange or lemon from a refrigerator, don’t juice it right away. For more juice microwave the fruit for just 20-25 seconds.

5. Heating beauty product

If you heated some beauty product before apply to your skin you feel much better though warmness of beauty product can be awkward differently a microwave oven creates things simpler and less chaotic so you can hit facial masks, warm oil conditioning, and reheat gel packs safely and easily.

6.Roasting garlic

If you love food then it’s no doubt that you love roasted garlic often of your dishes. It normally takes about 45 minutes but you can do it just in 8 minutes using a microwave. Just season your garlic blub mask with a plastic wrap, roast it and you’re done, ready for eating.

7.De crystallizing honey

Are you ever fighting with honey when it’s hard or frozen? Before Google, I struggled often. After Google, I found that a microwave oven is a wonderful solution for that. Just take your frozen honey, open the lid, and microwave about a minute. You will never waste your honey again. I promise.

Proofing yeast

For proofing yeast, it normally takes an hour, but you can do it in just 12-45 minutes using your microwave. To do this, don’t set your microwave to 15 minutes, as an alternative set microwave to 3 minutes, and then allow to dough to stand for 3 minutes then warm it again for 3 minutes and let it for 6 minutes. That’s will double your dough.


One of the most versatile kitchen appliances is a microwave oven, which offers a different range of uses. It can reheat and cook, disinfect kitchen appliances, make citrus juicier, warming beauty product, roasting garlic and de crystallizing honey. you just need to know which one is best for buy microwave oven.

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