9 best Juice makers review 2020

9 best Juice makers review 2020

If you try to get some more nutrients to your diets such as potassium or vitamin C, or just right after wake up in the morning start a day with a big glass of greens, a very good Juicers make it easy and can produce in a minute. In our kitchen lab, we test some best Juicers that will help you choose the best juicer for you.

Before you buy a good juice maker you need to keep in mind three important styles, 1. slow juicers, 2. centrifugal juicers 3. citrus juicers.

For fruits and vegetables, Slow juicers and centrifugal juicers are the best options and for squeezing an orange, lemons and lime or grapefruit citrus juicers are best.
Below we are discussing all the details. 

What is a slow juice maker

Slow press juicers have a slim, upright channel that organizes ingredients into a chamber. It’s pressed with a revolving auger, Through a filter, and into a Jar it crushes the fresh juice out and it distributes the pulp from the other nozzle. It’s a little slow procedure, and that’s why it’s called slow press juicers but there is the best thing also, slow press juicers brings more nutrients to preserve better than speedy juicers for a hit.
We test some slow juicers like Kuvings whole and hurom easy clean juicer and with a unique filter which leaves you thicker juices with smooth uniformity.
Sometimes we don’t love slow juicer because it requires more time for their tiny feed tubes that it divides fruits and vegetables tiny chunks and cleaning is very difficult for many small chunk and hole. 
Breville, kuvings and Cuisinart juicers are working on it for that time issue and get a new wide-mouth juice maker to bring to the table. which can slice the apple into four parts instead of very little chunks? 

What is a centrifugal juicer?

It’s faster than slow juicers. They put all the ingredients into the broad wider feed and pounded at quick. Such as our leafy green test, it takes just 7 seconds for a hundred grams kale where it takes a minimum of 1 minute at slow juicers. When you make juice by centrifugal juicers, then it’s come little as foamy but you will taste no different. 

what is a citrus juicer

Most comfortable and smooth functioning juicers are citrus juicers, but it’s can only use for citrus. This can easily keep in reserve because it takes a tiny space. Citrus juicers can bring most out of your orange (or another citrus) with petty attempt and it’s not like other juicers such as slow and centrifugal juicer. For peeling or removing seeds, you don’t have to worry about that.
If you are making juice lots gradually then empty the filter regularly. Filters are very bent to build up so if you do not take care of, they could transform it into a slower or messy process for you.

Juice Fountain Cold Plus Juicer 

Centrifugal Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus is the best for you if you don’t like prep-work. It could set the entire apple on its 3.5-inch broad feed tube. When you juice carrots or kale it’s also juice quick and as a top competitor when its juice apple results are savored and sugary and paste free. Its dial was very easy to deal with accommodating speed description, its jug is 70 ounce and solid loyalty lid seemed it’s a bonus.Easy Clean Enormous Mouth

Speed Juice Extractor

Normally juicers can be costly and exacting, but when you find a juicer at $99, we love it. It’s a wonderful premium juice extractor from Hamilton beach. It’s easy to install, very easy to use, It’s so fast and makes smooth juices and pulpless juice. Very good news is all the part of these juicers is dishwasher secure. It’s a very low cost and our recommended juicers.
If you want to wash by hand, then you do it by its side cleaning tool. These tools help you clean pulp. It’s clean outside and bottom blade, which keeps your finger very secure. It’s a little loud on our test but you don’t get upset after buying it, it’s a wonderful juicer.

Juice Fountain Elite 

Juice fountain Elite is best for well-built fruits and vegetables and best juicer on the market. It’s quick and quieter! Then all the juicers we tested. Not only hard fruit or vegetable, you can juice soft fruit and vegetable also because it runs at two different speeds, and after makes juice, you found it’s smooth and pulpless.

H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

When you have metal mesh on your juice, wash those carefully because of your finger safety. This Easy Clean Slow Juicer made by heavy plastic strainers and that is their key point, their broad vertical channel can be clean easily.  
Because of tile juicing chamber flow out more juice also and that’s why the inside is less messy. The newly added new strainer and very well built interior so the juice comes from double-sided cleaning brush that receives into all the crack,  addition there is a little trap door for pulp spout that allows easy to clean.
When we test our labs, this model makes fresher tasting green juice and the best thing is we can manage the pulp. 

HP Slow Juicer

Its model is best for both style and functions. It is one of the top-rated juicer in the market. It’s bend and back front pulp spout looks very eye-catching. It has three colours Pink, mint, and white. This juicer is very easy to install and use and generate very good juice. It’s cleaning process is very easy with dual-sided clearing brush.

Citrus Juicer

For oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus juice this model is very good and ease. There is various colour like cream, black, pastel green, red, pink and pastel blue so you can choose as your favourite colour.

Whole Slow Juicer

You can find all of this in this juicer. It has a broad-mouthed feed cylinder there you can juice thin ingredients to various filters for juice, even and ice cream. It has also an extra-fine mesh filter pulpy juices. There are 3 cleaning features so you can do everything when you clean it and the amazing thing is there is a carrying handle that you can move the juicer where ever you want easily. 

Big squeeze slow juicer

If you have large foods or vegetables or it’s long or very thin, this model can manage all of them in distinctive tube fashion. In our test, it’s not jamming and causes one to remember commercial juice makers.

H-AI Slow Juicer

this model will slash pushes down fruits and vegetable for you, Thanks for the game-changing pretty Hurom H-AI Slow Juicer.
It needs very less time than other juicers in the market, it’s auto functions make us tougher to block or surfeit the hopper. Because of this costly we recommend only those who are really loved juice. You can find that in rose gold, blue or silver colour.

Some tips after you buy your juicer

  • Collect fresh ingredients and clean them very well after you come from the market you can ready for making juice anytime. 
  • Always clean pulp box
  • For not jamming try to cut fruits and vegetables with small chunks and the same size.
  • Don’t want to force fruits and vegetables into your food channel, allow juicer to do it own. If you have to hurry then cutting your fruits or vegetables into minor parts.
  • Check multiple times that your juicer stopper is open and close it before outpour.
  • When you juice multiple ingredients juice soft one first and then put harder ingredients and make your stopper close.
  • most of the fruits do not need to scrape before making juice just make sure it’s well clean before putting it in.
  • When you juice are apples and pears try to avoid juice, its seeds.
  • After complete making juice clean your juicer straightaway for easier and avoiding damage

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